Wild Packs of Family Dogs (Modest Mouse Cover) - Matagot

Ahahaha this is the first legitimate recording I ever did. I had no idea how recording things worked so literally all of the sound is mixed into the left ear. Also, my voice literally sounds different from then (late January 2011) to now.

Actually I covered Matt & Kim in early 2010 I recall that being both horrible and adorable I need to go listen to it right now.

French Navy (Camera Obscura cover)

I did this because the two greatest girls in the world Caroline and Jackie were doing a folk punk radio show on WTJU Charlottesville that night and Caroline had shown me this song a few weeks before so I covered it and they played it on the radio and that is the only musically important thing that has ever happened to me.

Gold Soundz - Pavement

recorded sometime this winter at two in the morning